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St Joe

St.Joseph Mercy Call For Art

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The following are pdf files for the St.Joseph Mercy Call For Art:

SJO Call for Artists 020712.pdf

Main Lobby Wall Sculpture 4000_ART 1SJO.F.001
Main Lobby Waiting Area Original Art Feature 4000_ART 1SJO.F.004
Main Lobby Waiting Area Sculptures 4000_ART 1SJO.F.005
Main Lobby Waiting Area Small Art Pieces 4000_ART 1SJO.F.006
Sculpture for Main Lobby 4000_ART 1SJO.F.007
Elevator Lobby Landmark 4000_ART 2SJO.F.001
Main Corridor Landmark Art Feature 4000_ART 2SJO.F.002
Reception Desk Art Feature 4000_ART 2SJO.F.003
Bathroom Tiles 4000_ART 2SJO.P.T
Waiting Area Art Feature 4000_ART 2SJO.W.001
Waiting Area Art 4000_ART 2SJO.W.002
Corridor Niche Art 4000_ART Corridor Niche
Art Plan Floor 1 4000_ART Plan Floor 1
Art Plan Floor 2 4000_ART floor plan 2
Art Patient Rooms 4000_ART Patient Rooms


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