Arts Consulting

Art in healthcare can be inspiring, engaging, interactive and reinforce the branding, culture, mission and values of an organization. Arts programs can build rewarding connections between organizations, community members, cultural institutions, artists and collectors. Most importantly, art has shown to have positive physiological and psychological effects in the journey of healing.

Aesthetics has been designing and facilitating arts programs for healthcare institutions for over 35 years. During this period our work has evolved to be more research-driven and community-based. Today, there exists a strong body of research literature that guides our recommendations of what types of artwork are appropriate for different patient populations. Aesthetics has created strategies to ensure the efficiency and ease of the process, the coordination with hospital and design teams, and the consideration of the needs of patients and families.

ARTS FUNDRAISING. Most healthcare executives acknowledge the value that the arts bring to healthcare environments, but they are limited by the constraints of today’s economic environment. Aesthetics has developed proven strategies to enable hospitals to create their “dream arts program” through tapping into the generosity of their philanthropic community. Philanthropy can not only pay for your arts program, but in addition, raise needed funding for your hospital. Your generous donors understand the value that art brings to their lives and will want to participate in bringing high quality, evidence-based arts programs to your hospital.

EVIDENCE-BASED ART. In developing an evidence-based arts program, Aesthetics applies an extensive library of credible research studies that indicate which types of art have positive therapeutic benefits for patients, such as less medication, less pain, improved attitudes, and perception of reduced waiting time. Healing art has also shown to reduce stress and improve positive attitudes for caregivers.

PEDIATRIC ART. Children are not little adults. They live in a world of imagination and story. The arts assist them to leave the world of healthcare interventions and be “just kids” for a while. Making art, music and movement are natural states for children. Integrating performing, visual and participative art-making into the physical environment reflects best practices for pediatric art.

ARCHITECTURAL COORDINATION. Using the expertise of our in-house architects and interior designers, Aesthetics provides recommendations for lighting and power needs, structural backing, finishes, and installation details. Our experienced arts consulting team is well-versed in building and fire codes, and can ensure that the selection, fabrication and installation of artwork is architecturally integrated into the built environment.