In an increasingly competitive marketplace, brand differentiation becomes critical to an organization’s success. By providing a nurturing and inspiring physical environment, an organization demonstrates that they value and respect the needs of their patients, families and staff, which in turn can lead to a positive impression in the level of care. When patients are happy, they will promote a brand to their friends and families by word of mouth, the leading method of obtaining new business for healthcare organizations. Finishes, furniture, lighting, artwork, signage, displays, and wayfinding are key components to creating that branded environment.

At Aesthetics, we work closely with facilities to ensure an organization’s mission and values are represented in all elements of their interiors. Our talented team of designers, artists and consultants thrives on creating effective branded environments that nurture the patient experience and inspire the journey of healing. By involving community members and organizations, we go one step further and create memorable and meaningful spaces that are a true reflection of a hospital’s healing mission.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. A key component to creating a positive experience is providing an environment that is inspiring and supportive. At Aesthetics, we provide customer experience solutions based on an in-depth analysis of the physical environment, communication strategies and operational policies. We include all aspects of the environment including wayfinding, art, lighting, sound, furnishings, finishes, signage, and branding. Key stakeholders are involved in the analysis and visioning process to ensure recommendations are appropriate and effective. Our solutions are designed to reflect the uniqueness of each organization and their region.

INTERIOR DESIGN. Designing an effective interior space for the journey of healing requires an in-depth understanding of the rigors and needs of healthcare. Our experienced, knowledgeable and talented team of designers create interior spaces that are warm and inviting, aesthetically pleasing, performance-driven and cost-effective. Whether we are updating an existing space, developing master plans, or starting from scratch with new construction, we design from a holistic perspective, creating spaces that support patients, families and staff.

EXPERIENCE DESIGN. Large-scale graphics, interactive artwork, informative displays, engaging finish materials and stylized furniture are popular methods for creating a unique brand experience. With our team of graphic designers, interior designers and arts consultants, Aesthetics can develop a customer experience that is truly dynamic. Our resources allow us to think outside of the box and create a memorable and inspiring multi-sensory experience.

HEALING GARDENS AND SACRED SPACES. Chapels, healing gardens and other sacred environments serve as support spaces for patients and their families along their healing journey. To create a fully engaging environment, Aesthetics incorporates both art and design to nurture and inspire. Harmoniously integrating finishes, furniture, original artwork, lighting, signage and educational displays is key in developing an effective healing garden or sacred space.

DONOR RECOGNITION. Donor walls, history displays, value displays, and other environmental graphics help to reinforce an organization’s brand as well as reward and promote community investment and participation. Because we are a full-service art and design firm, we bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the task of creating what might otherwise be ordinary displays. Our experienced and highly talented award-winning team designs, fabricates and installs flexible, unique, and cost-effective donor recognition systems for healthcare institutions, educational agencies and community organizations. At Aesthetics, our goal is to ensure that each display coordinates with the existing architecture and interior design, conveys the mission and culture of the organization, provides a lasting impression, creates a sense of pride, encourages donors to give at their highest possible level, allows for future expansion, and is easily and affordably updated.


Co-creating environments that nurture and inspire