About Us

At Aesthetics Inc., our ultimate goal is to assist organizations in the physical expression of their mission, vision and values through art and design.

Specializing in health and wellness, our multi-disciplinary design team is passionate about creating spaces that strengthen and support the healing journey. Going beyond a standard level of service, we implement graphic design, interior design, arts programs, wayfinding, donor recognition, interpretive displays and experiential branding in the creation of unique and inspiring environments.

At all levels of engagement, our skilled and experienced staff strive to develop a deep understanding of our clients to help them express their particular brand identity. This familiarity typically extends to the surrounding community, as we thrive on facilitating collaborations between health and wellness organizations, local museums and non-profits, artists, musicians and community leaders. These unusual partnerships help to positively reinforce and promote an organization’s brand within their community.

Since 1980, Aesthetics has collaborated with more than 400 companies, including some of the largest and best-known healthcare organizations in the United States and Canada, and with numerous major architects and artists around the world. Originally established to provide art for hospitals and medical clinics, the firm has since established itself as a leader in the field of healthcare art and design.