Aesthetics Inc. – Rejuvenation Station – Products

Aesthetics Inc. – Rejuvenation Station – Products

Aesthetics Inc. – Rejuvenation Station – Products

Imagine….. you step into the Rejuvenation Station™, close the door, select a program, sit back…

and experience yourself slowly becoming deeply engaged, melting away stress and after 4-7 minutes emerging more relaxed, focused and better prepared to face the demands of the day.

Some experiences defy description. You feel it, you know it, you love it. And with this deeply immersive experience you KNOW that your inner self is being nourished, supported and fortified.

This is a personal pod designed to provide an individual immersive visual and sonic restorative experience.

It includes a soundproof pod equipped with a comfortable healthcare bench and a large monitor showing high definition video and surround-sound.

They include Wisdom Films™conceived and produced by Emmie Award Winning composer Gary Malkin and Cinematography and Editing by David Fortney. These short films are designed as time out for both caregivers and patients alike. It includes ten programs each 7 minutes in duration that are designed to induce a relaxation response from the viewer and put them in a state of awe, removing them from their current stress.

Designed to build resilience and improve our capacity for compassion and inner peace, these programs have been proven to deepen access to gratefulness within stressful and challenging moments. The music of the Wisdom Films™ has sold over one million copies with testimonials from patients and caregivers nationwide. The programs are offered with both spoken word for a guided experience and with just images and music.

The pod is designed to be easily installed in staff break rooms and waiting areas to allow these personal experiences in a minimum amount of space. Each pod is under 48” to easily be accommodated as a piece of furniture in the environment.