Crystal Cove Conservancy

To preserve the legacy of Crystal Cove, the Conservancy created a campaign to support funding the cottage renovations. When phase two of the renovation was complete, it was decided to create a donor recognition display and place it in the visitor’s center on the campus. Aesthetics was selected as a partner in the project for its ability to create a design that was seamlessly integrated into the interior environment of the seaside cottages. A key part of the design was to incorporate found objects and materials from the original cottages into the display. The background is a collage of weathered wood that is predominant throughout the community. Three niches feature a variety of objects: authentic prohibition bottles, driftwood and sea glass that washed up along this section of shoreline, architectural hardware and more. In addition, a historical timeline was incorporated as part of the visitor experience. The timeline features many of the plein-air artists who were residents of the cove’s cottages and have captured segments of time within their work.