Loma Linda University Medical Center

Loma Linda University Medical Center has been known for patient-focused, world-class care, provided by highly respected specialists in a convenient and accessible environment with a specialization in oncology care. Loma Linda University Medical Center is a faith-based hospital. Their commitment to whole person care ensures that the entire cancer treatment process is individualized and focused on treating the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Aesthetics provided interior design and art consulting services for their new medical oncology and infusion center.  Starting with interviews with patients, important clues were gleaned as to what would be healing for patients in this challenging environment. The integration of color, patterns, textures and artwork reflected a spa like environment while the beautiful light filled architecture provided a combination of privacy and safety to all who enter the space.

In 2008 the center initiated  the remodeling of its existing campus as it planned its ten year master plan expansion. To guide this work, the medical center has become a Planetree Affiliate and a Center for Heath Design Pebble. In preparation for this work, Aesthetics was hired to create both wayfinding and interior design master plans.

The entire design of the campus is wrapped around their vision statement of,  “making man whole”. As part of the wayfinding program, the campus was divided into pavilions with names such as Serenity, Hope and Inspiration, that support  the faith based philosophy of the organization. The Serenity Pavilion contains several patient units with the visual themes of Garden,  Forest, Mountain and Ocean.