Children’s Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Art Consulting

“In less than a year and a half, Annette led the effort to create a road map for and implement a phenomenal Arts & Healing Project that has become a cornerstone of our family-centered model of care and our brand. Drawing upon her vast knowledge of the arts and patient-focused care methodologies, Annette helped us establish a community task force, create a project mission and guidelines, and establish formal partnerships for arts programs throughout our hospital campuses with our local arts community, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Children’s Theatre Company and MacPhail Center for Music. For each program, Annette is working with our research team to conduct studies that we believe will demonstrate the positive contribution art programs can make to health outcomes, patient safety, and the quality of the healthcare experience for patients, families and staff.” — Theresa Pesch, RN, Executive Director, Children’s Foundation and Vice President, Development, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota