The Guilds of Valley Children’s

Madera, California
History Display, Guild Recognition

In honor of the Guilds most recent philanthropic support of the Child Abuse Prevention Endowment, Valley Children’s Hospital renovated the existing Guilds Hall of Fame. The goal of the project was to capture the philanthropic spirit of the Guilds, through the reach of their members and all their support has made possible. This manifested into a variety of design features. To draw visitors into the space, a wallcovering mural was created that uses the building façade and a colorful sky. Once inside, a variety of features encourage visitors to explore and enjoy. These include:

  • A narrative around the perimeter of the space explaining the history of the Guilds
  • Founding Mother Recognition for the five women that founded the hospital
  • Historical memorabilia
  • Individual Guild recognition for significant donations
  • Patient Success stories from the children and parents view
  • Interactive piece promoting health and wellness
  • Custom sculpture of the hospital mascot in a mother and child iteration
  • “Did You Know?” facts about the hospital and the Guilds

A variety of the components are updateable to allow promotion of special events, new recognition, and stories. The space is huge success and a destination for visitors to enjoy.

“Aesthetics played a key role in our successful Guild Hall of Fame project – from concept to project close they have been the perfect partner. The collaboration, the attention to detail and the follow through, have been excellent. So, much so, we are now using Aesthetics extensively.” — Jessie Hudgins, Vice President of Facilities, Valley Children’s Hospital, Madera, CA