Customer Experience Design/Wayfinding

Aesthetics’ patient experience design services provide analysis of and recommendations for an entire medical campus’ physical environment, its communication strategies and operational policies, all of which impact patient, visitor and staff experiences. Our programs are designed to reflect the uniqueness of each medical center and its geographic and cultural region. They align with facility master plans, architecture, and interior design aesthetics. The programs integrate wayfinding systems, signage, scheduling and internet communications. They assist in building hospitality-oriented operations practices, which not only improve patient and visitor encounters, but reinforce branding.

Aesthetics, Inc. employs a multidisciplinary, systems-based approach to wayfinding design. The first step in this process is a comprehensive assessment that begins with mapping the patient’s or visitor’s journey and experience. This is an in-depth analysis of the campus from the first-time customer’s point of view. Using this systems approach, we look at information, operations, and facility design to see how they either work together or conflict with each other in supporting optimal performance.

From the information gleaned in the Assessment, we generate a well-designed, comprehensive master Wayfinding plan which strengthens the facility’s brand identification and creates a competitive advantage for a hospital.