We at Aesthetics want to express our heartfelt message of compassion for all out there who are experiencing the influences of Covid 19. It is a time that none of us have experience before.

The team and Aesthetics is committed in assisting our clients and artists in any way that we can over this. We are currently making plans to work remotely from home to assist with the containment of this virus. 

The team members will continue to communicate with you about your project and be available to assist you working on completing projects that are in process, as appropriate. This may also be a good time for any planning work to be accomplished as well, if that’s on your radar. We are planning on releasing a cover artist soon as there are thousands of artists only time to respond in an extra creative time.


If for any reason, you need an immediate response on a project and cannot reach one of our designers, please feel free to contact me personally, and I will contact you directly to respond to your needs. My cell phone number is (619) 980-2544.


For the past 40 years I have committed myself and my practice to the creation and the dissemination of beauty, their design and the arts. In times like these when we need to be aware of the beauty around us, the bedding spring, the kind words of another and the ability to see the opportunity for more love and creativity in our lives with each other. I encourage each of us to share beauty and the positive stories of caring, her with them, and simple acts of kindness with our friends, families and loved ones. More than ever at the arts I needed to assist us in building resilience for ourselves, each other and the planet.


I know we will get through this together. 

Warm regards, 

Annette Ridenour 

and Aesthetics Team